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Hey there! I'm Donna Doyon. 

Way back in 2003, as I approached my 40th birthday, I was working on a trifecta of personal goals!  

I was working  to:  

1. Self-publish my first book

2. Complete the requirements to earn the Distinguished Toastmaster designation (the highest Toastmasters International speaking and leadership award)

3. Complete the requirements to earn my Masters Degree in Adult Education

One night at work, I was sitting at a table in the break room with co-workers.They were chatting while I munched on a peanut butter sandwich and read a text book. 

"When do you do laundry?" a co-worker asked.  

I looked up from my book. "What?"  

"When do you do laundry? Or buy groceries? Or do the dozens of other things we have to do to when we have a family?"  

I remember shrugging.  

It wasn't something I thought about. I just got those things done as they needed to be done.  

I found and used spare minutes each and every day. I learned to identify and avoid the mesmerizing traps of daily routines that used up my time, energy and focus.  

It is a technique that I've used over and over again whenever I want to get more done without having to give up precious sleep time. 

I can help you identify some of those traps, so you can start side-stepping them and free up the time you need to pursue your personal goals and dreams.  

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