Intro to the Healthier Habits Foundation program

Hi there. It's Donna Doyon.

Thank you for joining me in this Healthier Habits Foundation Course.

What we are going to do together, is talk about your viewpoint on your cur-- on your current health condition. And then find ways to increase the amount of physical activity you have in your day, and help you to make some healthier food choices.

Now, this is not a program where I am going to tell you, every minute of every day, what you need to do. I don't think that's real helpful. It's not sustainable.

What we want to do, is find something that works for you.

You are a wonderfully unique person, and just because something works for me does not mean it will work for everyone else. And I get that. But I do think these fundamentals, this foundation, is something that you will be able to build your own healthier eating, and more physically active daily routine around.

That's the purpose of this program.

I hope you have a great time going through the modules. I hope you learn a little bit more about yourself. The big takeaway... This is your life. It's your body. These are your choices. Make the ones that work best for you.

Don't worry about what everyone else is telling you you need to do--except for me. Cuz I just told you not to worry about what everyone else is telling you to do-- trust yourself to find your own way. That's my message. Trust yourself. You have the answers, and you have the power within yourself to live healthier and happier.

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