Shift Your Perspective Consultation

Shift Your Perspective Consultation

Soooo... there's something going on in your life that's driving you a bit crazy, eh? If it's distracting you, sapping your energy, or frustrating the heck out of you, isn't it time to finally take care of it?

I know, I know... you've read (or at least purchased) the Oprah recommended self-development books and you're the person your friends go to for advice.

Yet sometimes, no matter how hard you try (or tell yourself to go with the flow) you just feel energetically stuck. You get caught up in drama-filled relationships that drain your energy; you feel frustrated that your situation and circumstances aren't supporting your heart-calling; and you've fallen into the trap of comparing yourself to others and questioning your own light-bearing gifts. 

That's why I offer "Shift Your Perspective" consultations. This is a unique opportunity that helps you see more than you are currently seeing in your specific situation, so you can realign your actions with your intentions.

Who am I and why do I think I can help?

For more than 20 years I have been helping people look at their lives and their life situations from a shifted perspective. Through 1:1 sessions, live  workshops, video courses, a podcast, and two books, I've been sharing self-coaching tips and techniques that encourage gratitude, cultivate growth, and foster self-love.

I believe there are three things that keep someone from achieving what she wants to achieve and being who she has always been...

1) Her daily habits (thoughts and deeds)

2) Her personal belief system

3) Her personal boundaries

Although I began as a more classical student of self-development, I now include Reiki, belief clearing, neuro-linguistic programming, Law of Attraction, energy healing, and other spiritual modalities, to help people identify patterns of behavior that keep showing up in drama-filled and anxiety-inducing situations.

Once the patterns are identified, healing can occur and growth can proceed.

What you can expect:

We'll hop on the phone and you'll share what's going on in your world. During the call, I'll share the bits of guidance that pop into my head (whether this is from our guides or my own knowledge base, I'm never sure) to help you see your situation a bit differently. We'll identify a few things for you to take a closer look at to determine how they  impact your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

If you have an open heart and a willing spirit, this call will help you will shift your perspective on the situation, your role in the situation, and the nature of your relationship with the people involved.

After the call, I'll continue working with our spirit guides using oracle and tarot cards to gain additional insight and guidance for you. This will be provided in a written reading/report format. 

This written reading/report will include the insight I received on your behalf, questions for you to reflect upon, and steps you may choose to take to change the situation. It will consist of an outsiders observations based on the information you shared.

Clarification and continued email/written support are provided for at least 21-days following delivery of your reading.

How it Works:

Once you've purchased a consultation:

  1. You'll receive access to my calendar to schedule our call. NOTE: Although I schedule calls in 90-minute blocks, few calls last that long. Most are between 20 and 60-minutes. We finish when we finish. :-)
  2. Optional: I'll provide you with a series of questions for you to consider about your situation. The intent is to help you focus on the details of the situation and how it is impacting your well-being. 
  3. After our call, I'll invite our guides and angels to offer additional information thru oracle and tarot cards and will email this feedback and guidance to you.
  4. You can ask for clarification or additional insight into this situation over the next 21 days. Responses are usually provided within 24 hours (excluding weekends and US holidays).
  5. During this 3-week period, I will continue asking for guidance on your behalf to help you gain greater insight into yourself and this situation, especially as it impacts your heart-centered calling. 

Receive inspired guidance on your specific situation so you can step into your own power, assert your own boundaries, and shift the energy of your relationships, so you can focus on your higher calling.

What's the energy exchange (how much does it cost)?

Shift Your Perspective consultation - $225 USD

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