Healthier Habits Foundation

(Prefer to read rather than watch? A transcript of this video is provided in the BEFORE YOU BEGIN module > Lesson 1: Into to the Healthier Habits Foundation program.)


You can start living a healthier lifestyle in just 5-minutes a day. Sounds crazy simple, right? It is!

HHF is a self-study program designed to help you identify and disrupt habits that are not serving your greater good, so you can replace them with habits that support your health and happiness goals. There are 8 modules, each with 3 - 8 short video lessons. Transcripts are provided for most videos.

Check out the Before You Begin module to learn more about this program and experience Donna's energy and teaching style before you purchase.

List of Module Topics:

1 - Before You Begin

2 - A Bit about Habits

3 - Pick Your Healthier Habit

4 - Fitting Your New Healthier Habit into Your Day

5 - Focus on Actions

6 - Lies that Keep You Stuck

7 - Relationship Tips that Support Your Success

8 - The Importance of a Reward System

9 - Your Next Steps

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9 Modules

2. A Bit about Habits

Just a few things for you to consider about your daily routine before you transform it into one that fully supports a healthier lifestyle.

3. Pick Your Healthier Habit

A bit of guidance to get you started. Reconnect with your inner child as a fun way to remember who you wanted to be when you grew up. 

4. Fitting Your New Healthier Habit Into Your Day

Discover the power of "habit stacking" to transition from less healthy activities (habits) to healthier ones.

Modules for this product 9
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