Are you stuck?

When life starts to feel a bit “meh,” that’s your cue to make some changes.

Unfortunately, many people believe change is harder than it really is.


I'm Donna Doyon. For more than two decades, I've been practicing and teaching personal growth and goal setting strategies. The resources and self-study courses listed below were created in service to my students.

These resources will help you rework any attitudes and behaviors that are keeping you stuck in a life that seems good enough (or not as bad as it could be). 

If you want to make changes to your physical health, mental strength, emotional healing, or spiritual awakening, these resources will guide you through the process. 

All self-study programs allow you to pick a price that best fits within your budget. 

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Available Products

FREE: The Missing Piece

Learn how to fit more joy into your practically perfect, yet sometimes boring life.

FREE: The Healthier Habits Starter Program

These 7 simple habits will help you reduce stress, increase your level of creativity, and improve your overall sense of well-being. Includes a habit tracking form.

5-Day Reclaim Your Time Challenge

If lack of time is always your reason for not ____________, reclaim at least 60-minutes every day to spend on things you really want to do.

Pick Your Price: $37 - $18.50 - $7.00 USD

Healthier Habits Foundation

HHF is a self-study program designed to help you identify and disrupt habits that are not serving your greater good, so you can replace them with habits that support your health and happiness goals.

Pick Your Price: $147 - $97 - $47 USD

Wishes & Whispers Card Reading

If you have a secret dream, are you allowing the Universe to help it come true? 

In this oracle and tarot card reading, we'll tap into the power of your wishes and hear the affirming whispers of the Universe so you can manifest that secret dream.

Price: $77 USD

Shift Your Perspective Consultation

Interested in getting outside support for a troubling situation, relationship, or aspect of yourself that is stealing your energy and focus?

Whether it is the overall uncertainty of the times, a challenging relationship, or a specific situation, tuning in to a message from the Universe can help shift your perspective and restore a sense of calm, purpose, and balance. 

Price: $225 USD

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