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Introverted Leader Mini-Course

For intuitive introverts and Human Design Projectors who feel called to be healers, coaches, teachers, and leaders, but their quiet nature holds them back. Includes a personalized single card oracle card reading. 

$9 USD

As Good as Done

This is a checks & balances system that harmonizes feminine and masculine energy so you feel both energetically aligned and productively engaged in manifesting your greatest desires.

$27 USD

5-Day Reclaim Your Time Challenge

If lack of time is always your reason for not ____________, reclaim at least 60-minutes every day to spend on things you really want to do.

$37.00 USD

Healthier Habits Foundation

HHF is a self-study program designed to help you identify and disrupt habits that make your life more challenging, so you can replace them with habits that support your health and happiness goals.

Investment: $147 USD

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